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Re: half and half

Verfasst: 01 Jan 2015, 16:54
von Haui
Hi Robert,
Nice to hear form you.
I spent a Lot of time for climbing, handstand ans planche this year and Made good Progress.
I can Do the strict bar muscleup only when i am absolutly frech. It is very hard for me.

Re: half and half

Verfasst: 13 Jan 2015, 16:24
von mrobertweiss
Good luck this year.
I actually signed up to see a weekend seminar with Sommers in Denver in June. I am sure I will learn something, but am prepared for some abuse, perhaps......
The weeklong course with Dave Durante, more crossfir oriented, in Tennessee is very instructive, you can see some of his videos at powermonkeyfitness. He is very personable-

Re: half and half

Verfasst: 14 Jan 2015, 12:03
von Haui
I stopped training with rings for 2 Month and did more climbing, handstand and planchework
Started ringtraining last week again.
Hope you learn a lot of things in june and tell them to me :-)

half and half

Verfasst: 03 Mai 2019, 04:01
von Sharonclive
I really enjoyed the whole thing. Disappointed in myself for slowing down in the second half and coming in at 3:03 and getting disqualified , but onwards and upward and more training to beat my time for my next half 31st july

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